Be Your Own Boss With LipSense®

Want to earn up to 50% off all of these products?

For only $55, you can become a distributor and join our SeneGence team to get a discount of 20%-50% – think of it like a Sam’s Club membership. No strings attached. This discount club is called the SeneGence Choice.

But wait… want to make extra money?

Since you are already a distributor, you can actually sell the products at full retail price and make extra money! Plus, you can build a team, called your “downline” and make commissions from your team sales!

I would love to talk with you and answer any questions you may have before you sign up.

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About Senegence

SeneGence ® was founded on the idea to offer superior products and an opportunity for women to be independent and successful in business regardless of age, background, or education. Since 1999, SeneGence® has grown to support thousands of successful careers and satisfied customers around the world and remains steadfast in its commitment to offer products that really work, including LipSense long-lasting lip color and a complete line of anti-aging skin care and long-lasting cosmetics.

Through the efforts of Founder, CEO and Chairwoman, Joni Rogers-Kante and the organization of its Independent Distributors, SeneGence® has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and has become a recognized brand name as well as an international leader of long-lasting, anti-aging color cosmetics and skincare products. The company continues to utilize its unique ingredients and technologies for further development of new and exciting products that really work for its Distributors to sell.

SeneGence® empowers individuals around the world with a means to create a home-based business with unlimited growth potential; using proprietary anti-aging and patented long-lasting color products through an Independent Distributor career path that really works.

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How It Works

#1 Individual Sales

We have an awesome line up of products that people love!  LipSense® is only the beginning of the conversation.  SeneGence® also offers a complete line of long-lasting cosmetic and anti-aging skincare products.

This is exciting because as an independent distributor, YOU are uniquely positioned to offer products that help people feel better and improve the appearance of their skin.

There are many ways to promote the SeneGence® line of products and the choice is yours.  Many distributors do a mix of activities and others focus on only single promotional ideas. In home demos, vendor events, selling in your salon or boutique, advertising on social media or simply sharing with your family and friends are all ways you can share SeneGence®.  As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to share and receive ideas that help you succeed.  In addition, we provide best practices ideas for getting started and managing your business.   At the end of the day, you are ultimately the owner of your business which is an exciting opportunity!

The income model is simple.  You have the opportunity to buy products at up to 50% off based on volume.  You subsequently sell the same products at full retail price.  The difference (PROFIT) is yours!  That’s 100% retail profit!

#2 Downline Commission

Making money on individual sales is a lot of fun!

However, if you want to make even greater income you can create and grow your own team!  Many people choose to only sell SeneGence® products as a retail distributor and that is okay.  There are however generous financial rewards if you choose to grow your own team!

Specifically, when you have your own team, you are paid commissions on those who sign up under you.  I think you will find SeneGence® offers one of the BEST compensations plans available for direct sales.

Download the Commission pdf File

#3 Other Great Perks

SeneGence® offers wonderful bonuses including:

  • Vacations
  • Bonuses
  • Car Allowance – Your choice of car!

As you grow in rank and build your team there are many wonderful opportunities that become available to you. I can’t wait to help you reach your goals!

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What Is Required

How Much Does It Cost?

Good news!  Being a LipSense® distributor only cost $55 annually! (with tax and shipping, closer to $68!).  This fee gives you the opportunity to purchase SeneGence ®/LipSense® products at up to 50% off and qualifies you for commissions and bonuses.  To ensure you are completely satisfied, SeneGence® has made this risk free for you.  If you are not completely satisfied, SeneGence® will refund your $55 within 6 months if you decide you don’t like being a distributor!  We take your success very seriously and want you to feel comfortable with your decision.

No Monthly Minimums

SeneGence® also makes staying on board easy by only requiring a minimum you have to purchase at least 100pv ($100 in wholesale value) every 6 months!  You don’t have to worry about monthly minimums!

NO Monthly Minimums or Fees and NO Autoships

Parties Not Required

We like parties and find them very profitable but understand if that is not your cup of tea!  You can sell SeneGence® products in the manner that best suites you and your lifestyle. On-line, Vendor shows, friends and family?  It’s up to you!

High Compensation Plans

SeneGence® is very generous and pays up to 50% on products sold whether you have a team or single retail business!  Most other companies pay substantially less.

Work When You Want

With SeneGence®, you are your own boss. The beauty of this model is you can schedule your own time as convenient for you.  Your success is up to you.  The more effort you put in, the more reward you will receive.  And of course, we will help you along the way.  You go at the pace that works best for you!

Live The Dream

SeneGence ® offers a truly exceptional opportunity for you to have the life you dream of and to live in abundance.  It doesn’t matter if you want to earn “Play” money or want to provide greater financial security for your family.  Have fun selling products you love!

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Why Now?

Senegence® has less than 150,000 distributors world-wide which represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground floor!  Of course you can be successful at any stage of the business growth cycle, but the BEST time is in the momentum phase when people are talking, excited and a buzz is in the air.  If you think about other popular names in direct sales (i.e. Rodan Fields, Avon, etc), you can imagine those who joined in the momentum phase really enjoyed the financial ride!  I’ll explain a little more about the different phases below.

Direct Marketing Phases

Phase 1: Formulation

The formulation phase usually represents the first two years of a network marketing company.  The vast majority of network marketing companies fail during this period.  It can be a dangerous time financially for both the distributor and the company as the financials are not yet in a steady state.

Phase 2: Concentration

During the concentration phase,  most company’s financials are improving and usually generate multi-million dollars in annual sales.  This is a busy and challenging time as small companies have to adapt to growth and increasing customer demand.  People are starting to learn about the products and are seeking them out on a consistent basis.

Phase 3: Momentum (SeneGence® just entered this phase in January 2017)

The momentum phase is where everything comes together and for companies who make it, they experience phenomenal growth that is sustained for many years.  This is the phase where millionaires are made!  Those who are on-board at this point enjoy the prosperity that comes with explosive growth.

Phase 4: Stability

The stability phase includes some continued growth but at a slower pace.  It’s still a great time to get involved, but as you can imagine, it is also more difficult to make the same kind of revenue as in the momentum phase.  Building your business may take more time but it is possible (think Mary Kay, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc.)

SeneGence® is only starting the Momentum Phase.  SeneGence® grew by 800% in one quarter and LipSense® and SeneGence® Products have become so desired that we’ve had to build 3 more manufacturing facilities to meet demand.

It’s in awesome time to join and become a distributor!

Still have questions?  Contact me directly!