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Don’t battle with false eyelashes or expensive extensions when you can naturally enhance your gorgeous gaze.

Simply apply LashExtend to the base of the lashes and watch your lashes extend in length. Colored liquid liners are perfect for brilliantly lined eyes and luscious lashes in one easy step.




SeneDerm® Solutions LashExtend Lash Lengthener

LashExtend grows lashes 25% longer and fuller in only two weeks.

Science Behind the Product

Only recently has it been possible to market a cosmetic product which can make the eyelashes grow in a manner that is substantiated by controlled, published, peer-reviewed studies. Hair growth in- vivo DATA proves a 25% increase in hair growth, for thicker and longer eyelashes with one application a day to lashes, after only 2 weeks of use.

LashExtend is formulated with patented SenePeptides™. SenePeptides™ are a series of isolated active peptides with anti-aging hair growth properties that stimulate gene expression causing increased keratin production, which makes hair follicles grow faster, thicker, and longer. They are combined into a formulation base of glycerin and water, and at an unprecedented rate. LashExtend is NOT formulated with drugs like prostaglandin or prostaglanoids made to treat ocular conditions found in other lash growth products. Some experts say these ingredients may have long- term side effects.



Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Chloride, Monobasic Sodium Phosphate, Dibasic Sodium Phosphate, Disodium EDTA. May contain: Phenoxyethanol, Tropolone. Polyester-5, Quaternium-15, Iron Oxides


Ensure application of LashExtend to the very base of lashes so that the solution may flow down into and between the shafts of the eye lash.

Use LashExtend Clear before bedtime and use LashExtend Black and Brown for morning application. Apply both until desired length has been achieved (at least 25% longer lashes). Once the desired affect has been achieved apply twice a day two to three times per week to maintain long luscious lashes. LashExtend Black and Brown should be applied directly onto skin of eyelid along the base of the eyelash after SeneDerm® SkinCare application and before application of ShadowSense®.

Guarantee: If using LashExtend Black or Brown along with skin care or cosmetics OTHER THAN SeneDerm SkinCare and SenseCosmetics®, results cannot be verified or guaranteed.

Note: SeneDerm Solutions LashExtend formulations and SenseCosmetics EyeSense formulations are completely different and cannot be mixed together to create a single eyeliner. Each should be used separately.


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