Jen was great about showing

Jen was great about showing the products and how to use them. It takes,a,little extra time for the lipsense but it doe stay on all day and looks good.


I attended Jennifer Ray’s LipSense

I attended Jennifer Ray’s LipSense home show. I felt that she did a wonderful job with greeting everyone making everyone feeling included. Her demonstration of the products was easy to follow. Her passion for what she loves is contagious, spreading positivity and energy around her. Great job Jennifer!


The products are great!

The products are great! I usually don’t have time to reapply lipstick during the day, so once it’s gone it’s gone. Not so with LipSense, the lipstick lasts all day. All I have to do is put on moisturizing gloss and I’m all set.


I had heard lots about

I had heard lots about this fabulous product but had never had the opportunity to try it out until now.
This lipstick/gloss is amazing and I want more colors!! It stays on just like they promised!


I love this product!

I love this product! The colors are fantastic and they stay put all day long. The glossy glossy makes my lips feel fantastic and gives a youthful look. I get more compliments now than ever on my lips, even at 53 years old. I want to tell the world about this product.


What a difference in my life!

LipSense has changed my life. I used to put lipstick on in the morning and it was gone by 10am. I always forgot to reapply it so I always looked washed out. No more! Now my lips look the same at the very end of the day.


Nothing came off!

I am also so excited I got to try the lip color and seeing it in a full-size mirror blew me away. I have been drinking water and my tea and nothing came off!